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Your Custom Home Pool is designed to stay cleaner. Our efficient design allows for fewer cycle times - saving energy! We use the most advanced engineering with a Dual Zone System. We use all 2" pressure pipe and schedule 80 2.5" Neverlube Valves. Then, we independently plumb all fixtures with their own dedicated pipelines. We then pressure test all lines. The heart of our system is the energy-efficient Stealth Professional-Series 220 Volt Pump, with a separate dedicated cleaner pump.

Just relax and enjoy! Our pools are built and designed to look beautiful for years to come.

We build stronger pools with a stone base and a thick half-inch structural steel. Our wider gunite cement shells have a 14" wide bond beam wall. We mix our gunite cement on-site and build a thicker, stronger, longer-lasting shell. Our typical pool will have a quarter-mile of plumbing pipe.

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